7 Digital Marketing Trends And Innovations For 2019

Digital Marketing is an essential aspect of present days. It cannot be avoided. The power of effective marketing is what to be discussed. Effective marketing not only serves the needs for a business but also increases the demand and productivity. As the times change, the effective market strategies also change. This is the era of the internet. If you need to reach heights, you must be active in social media. The internet is the place to create and consume digital contents. This is the time to prepare digital marketing strategies. 2019’s policies are going to be different and effective than the past years. In the digital marketing world, 2019 is going to be a transformational year. You have the opportunities to connect to more audience more deeply, increase your influence, Expand the future possibilities of the business. Let’s talk about 2019 digital marketing latest trend and innovations that will give you leading opportunities for growth.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots: Many people talk about artificial intelligence, but a few understand what it is. You can think of Artificial Intelligence as a batch of computers which can analyze things and do what is necessary rapidly. They can recognize patterns by analyzing the input data. You can use AI for many purposes. AI can be used for scouring databases, providing insights. Also, you can find candidates who seem to be your existing clients and scan conversations of social media which can give you real-time news on your competitors. AI is also powering customer partitioning. AI can lead to more sales and also helps to improve customer services. AI helps in the growth of businesses through personalization. You can use personalized marketing to turn the qualified marketing lead into sales qualified lead. To get comfortable with the AI, use high-quality images of your products with labelled alt-text.

Chatbots are a special kind of software that can communicate with users and help them find their goals. Chatbots can interact with humans naturally. Primarily it started with text chats; now voice chats are also possible. Chatbots help customers to get personalized and focused interaction to get the required data. The effective Chatbots already appeared in 2018. 2019 will continue making growth in this technology. Also, Chatbots are cheaper than pleasant staffs for a work. As artificial intelligence improves, Chatbots technology will improve.

Facebook and Instagram: Facebook is the no. 1 social media. For targeted marketing, we cannot find any better place. The relationship between Facebook and people is changing. Facebook is a place for target marketing and so digital marketers should carefully evaluate who they are targeting.

Facebook has bought Instagram. This is an image and video-based platform, and it makes it easy for users to share pictures and videos. Also, it is a ubiquitous device which is rapidly expanding.

Video: Video is a significant online trend which is rapidly growing. In the past, people used to watch the content on TV; now it is available on their smart devices like phone, tab, and laptops. As people spend time watching videos on smartphones, advertisers find it easy to advertise their contents. As video takes the top position in content marketing, live video is the betterment of this. Here are two main points to effectively use live video for digital marketing. First is to brainstorm ideas to make your content attractive and how customers would find your product useful. The second is to focus on the platform to feature your live video.

Here are the reasons why live videos are attractive and growing fast:

Authenticity: Because of editing, the standard videos lose their originality. But in live videos, viewers only see the events which are occurring.

Cheaper: Normal videos are costly as they need editing and other production, but for the living video we only need a camera to capture the video and internet connection to feature it online.
Thrill: As regular videos can be viewed again and again. But live videos have some fun to watch.

Ways to use live videos for digital marketing:
Hosting events: You can broadcast your events live. This is an opportunity for establishing your reputation.
Launching products: You can feature live videos for your products and also the demonstration of how to use it.

Email: An Email is a favourite tool for digital marketing. We can send different emails based on the interest to different subscribers. We make personalized emails to work more effectively. The combination of personalization and automation makes email marketing a top position in 2019.

Voice Search: Siri, Alexa, Google are examples of verbal interactions. Voice search is different from text-based search, and it is also challenging. As the voice recognition is improved, the voice search increases popularity.

Why voice search profitable?

Easier: It is easier to talk on the phone than typing.

Faster: As we can talk more swiftly, the search is done faster.

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