For the past few years Google has provided one with a lot of freedom i.e. freedom to express one selves . But it is also checking up that if the freedom provided is being misused or not and so in order to overcome the mentioned problem it may be said that Google certainly will make the following expected changes regarding SEO :


#Preparing for dealing with the problem of fake news.

It is well known that by 2010 as the Google increased the amount of content farm and so was criticized by media in search results and so the Google was left with nothing but to respond by the negative press. And then as we all know that Google released its Google Panda update so to deal with the spammed and very low quality content by February 2011.
Besides, Google has been continuously hammered by the media for promoting fake news and certain other rumors for the past few years and therefore being a problem so extensive that many of the search industry experts referred it as the biggest search quality crisis with respect to Google.
However, all of these are actually destroying Google’s image and so it is having a strong sense of motivation to solve it.
Actions also has been taken by Google as by banning all those publishers who promote fake news ads as well it tests ways so to report the offensive suggestions and by adding tags like fact check to the search results.
In order to deal with the issue of trustworthy results of the search Google has released a paper on Knowledge Based Trust and this system demotes the sites which repeatedly emphasize on publishing fake news in situations where the fake news is widely circulated.
It is very difficult to evaluate the effectiveness or you say the successfulness of this knowledge based trust system but one thing is for sure that by introducing this system, Google actually revealed its concern for making the truthfulness a ranking factor and also telling that they never had any motivation to do so than now.


#Growing voice search as well featured snippets

Now a day queries from voice search are more frequent in mobile search as Google Home is being popular day by day. And this increase in voice search may lead to increase in featured snippets and with the help of which Google sources its voice search results very often.

Evidences are there which show that this growth is taking place. Studies revealed that featured snippets are rising as when tested about 1.4 million queries then 30 percent appeared roughly.
Incase the trend continues it might start to rival the top organic listing and help someone to be noticed easily.
Some other aspects of search that will be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

About two years people were introduced to RankBrain a machine learning AI system that helps in processing its results for the search. However, Google extends its interest more in AI. Also Google developed the Cloud Vision API, which is capable of identifying a number of objects.
Besides, Google has built an AI which is much better at building AI than humans are. This project was initiated by Google Brain, a team which is specialized in AI building for Google.

Surprisingly, AI is also having issues with it. It fails to arrive at solutions that are better but leads to a good enough solution. Sometimes they also get confused with correlation and causation; they even try to connect the unrelated things. Further the developers themselves don’t know how the final algorithm works and these results in more difficulty in predicting how it would work in case of traditional programs.

And now as the Google has embraced AI and has implemented more of it into their search algorithms, it can be expected that search results will behave in less predictable ways. It may not be a good thing for all the times but something that we should be prepared of.

With respect to long term SEO strategies AI does not vary at a greater extent. As the goal of the machine learning algorithm is to process in order to make predictions similar to those of humans and therefore it is essential to optimize AI for the optimization of mankind.


To hit the manipulative guest posting

Google also cautioned the webmasters for using article marketing as a large scale link building tactic which is against its guidelines and could also result in a penalty. So, it is now known to the SEO community that Google is signaling the algorithm update which targets manipulative guest posting and it’s almost on the horizon now.

It is important to be thought about the cause that counts for the guest posting. All those guest posts that tend to send the referral traffic and don’t expand the brand awareness are worthless but they are just doing so for the possibility that someday they will positively impact the search engine rankings.
Whatever is being written here is so common to everyone, but this is written to reveal the truth that a lot of people in this industry are fooling themselves as there are marketers who are pursuing guest practices which are unsustainable and it doesn’t stop here but they also believe that what all they are doing is legitimate.
Mentions without links
It has been confirmed by Bing that they track unlinked brand mentions and they use this as a ranking signal; on the other hand a patent by Google shows that Google will also be doing the same practice.
It is very much reasonable now to expect link mentions in order to start playing appreciable role in search rankings as now AI is much involved to play its part in rankings.

whatever the tactics have been used to earn the brand mentions are not so different from the one which have been used to earn the links but if compared the number of people mentioning brand is much greater than those who are linking them and therefore it provides a admirable boost for the small brands that even fail to earn press at threshold.
It all results in highlighting the importance of getting involved in web conversations and inciting all those conversations in one self.
An interstitial crackdown may be on the way
Approaching interstitial crackdown

It was Google’s early sign for continuing a battle against the intrusive mobile ads when they updated mobile interstitial penalty..There were sites that had aggressive advertisement and also blocked users to prevent actions. Besides, Google has decided to crack down on the big brands which are getting away with the interstitial ads in near future. Another crucial factor is the amount of the trust that has been accumulated by these big brands in other ways. And in order to shake all this out; it all depends upon the Google that how they will reward branding vs. intrusive advertising.


Index the mobile first

About three years ago Google announced that mobile searchers have surpassed the desktop searches on search engine-and it was found from some other source that 57 percent traffic comes from the mobile users that the desktop searchers at their site.
Google will soon respond to this with mobile-first indexing and this means to create and rank the search listing based upon the mobile version content and for the listings shown to desktop users.

It is stated by some of the Google representatives that the mobile-first index may be launched this year. So, this year may be the signals that are used to impact searches from devices such as mobile may become the signals impacting all searches. And sites that are failed to work on mobile device may no longer be used.
Preparing for the year
Google has now started making efforts for the AI prevalence and warning the manipulative guest posts along with the distracting advertisements this all together indicates that change is approaching.
Focusing on the long term SEO strategies will keep one competitive in the all the year.

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