Dedicated Intellect that serve at
the rear of Danstring!

Welcome to Team Danstring-“A string of multiple talent”

Innovative Team. Innovative Conclusions

Concentrated, Skillful & Determined

An prominent chain of 20 people with diversified talents in acquisition to commitment We really like what we do, and we really like who we do it with. 50 percent of us focus on primary growth, developing and quality research, and the spouse handle the work on the whole. The people who act on Danstring discuss the perspective and principles of our group.

“Meet our edge-to-edge chain of committed brains.
Our progressive policies lies in the success of our co-workers, partners and clients.”

Senior Management

  • “Four things for Success
    Rakesh Rajput
    Managing Director, Chairman/ Founder

    Rakesh Rajput is the founder and a great leader taking the company in its mission and growing it into a global community of creative entrepreneurs and their customers. He has 10 years of experience in ensuring successful growth and finding the right solution for any business problem. He began his career as a Web Designer, holding technical positions at several reputed Organizations.

  • “You want to change your Life?
    Change the way you Think”
    Vikas Thakur
    Chief Technology Officer and Director

    Vikas Thakur is Danstring’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), leading the Product Engineering, Infrastructure and Operations teams. He provides management oversight on technical directions. He has worked as a team leader on major Profit 100 website projects. He’s run countless campaigns and manages most of the day to day.

  • “Ideas are worthless Until you get
    them out of your head to see What they can Do”
    Ruminder Kaur
    Chief Executive Officer and Director

    Ruminder joined the agency in 2013 as first C.E.O. and is responsible for its Business Development and financial operations. His 7 years experience allows her to gauge business goals and easily decipher success points of every campaign and relationship. She has managed organizations small and large and keeps the structure of the business tight and together.

Heading, The Evolutionary Steps

Team Danstring always strive to find new horizons of development with a strong motive working together as a team that contributes towards
achieving the mail goal of growth for all of us.

Kritika Sharma
Project Manager/Support Executive

Kritika Sharma is responsible for the Maintenance of Quality work and manages all new and the existing clients. Consultation and Problem solving skills are what she is excellent at. She has five years of experience in HR position and executing business strategy and finding the right solution for every client problem.

Neeraj Bhalla
Head of Designer Team

Neeraj Bhalla Responsibilities as a creative lead include the supervision of a team of 6 creative designers. Plan, design and develop the projects for cooperate, regional and international clients. Design and implement the concepts. Deliver the excellent quality service to all clients.

Satpal Dhiman
SEO & Digital Marketing Manager

Satpal Dhiman has responsibility to manage the whole department of Digital Marketing Services. He is an expert and has 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing including Search Engine , Social Media , Email Marketing , Paid Marketing and much more. He is managing the whole team and high profile projects at the company.

Dinesh Kushwah
Sr. Web Designer

Dinesh kushwah is one of the senior web designers in the team specially for custom word-press website designs. He has 3 years of experience in designing and performing problem analysis. He provides guidance to the designer team and analysis quality results that promise with client aim.

A string of multiple talent

Our Team

A prominent chain of 20 people with diversified talents in acquisition to commitment

We love what we do and the people we perform with. Our company is half-split between developers, developers, quality experts and venture supervisors. All of us who perform at Danstring discuss the perspective and principles of our group. We are impelled by the idea that the best perform comes into the world when persistence blends with fun and creativeness blends with professionalism, reliability, reliability, which makes our process exclusive.

All Set For New Than Merely a Job Change?

Our family always desire in welcoming the individuals with identical spirit and background of moving with
technology which results in meeting our client’s expectations into reality. Brilliant careers established here (OR) We make smart professionals