New Project Communication Strategy

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Entire Team Danstring confirms that effective communication plays a pivotal role for outstanding outcomes with clients, partners or among themselves. Our distinctive communication approach that comprises of efficient understanding of client’s needs and timely action on the same takes care of all the concerns for fruitful business possibilities.

Timely Information Management+ Keeping every

related in the knot= Successful Project management

Have a look on our step-by-

step project communication stages


Project Assesment

We prudently attend to the client’s project necessities and strategy and then progress for preliminary development. We distribute the work SRS with our website team for specific research,

fact results, and style work-flow design to understand the importance and opportunity of the work.


Initial Project Meetings

Subsequently the work contract, start conferences between groups and clients are planned to talk about key project deliverables, the process to be monitored, project opportunity, time participation,

resource payments and payment techniques. Our Business Specialist Expert will organize a customer legitimate the devoted Project manager and associates who are going to be indulged throughout.


Precise And Perfect Information

rom the first day, our associates maintain quality, shortness and perfection of the information and discussion they return with the consumer and maintain that among the involved

project team members, supervisors and management.


Dedicated Person To Contact

To prevent complications and misunderstandings, we sustain an anchorman of connections and make sure clear and effective connections. The data and information are central and easily utilized.

But, in some cases, a customer can contact any individual group accomplice to manage any particular problems.


Various Modes Of Communication

Interaction is key so that we exercise discussion on multiple programs. We use Skype, Email, Messengers, and Telephone calls to have interaction with our domestic and international clients.

We inspire live conferences, video and audio conference phone calls and e-mails. Both written and spoken communication means are used properly as and when mandatory.


Approachability Of Project Progress

Once attracted up, we visibly and briefly prepare the project information, and make it readily available for everyone’s referrals on distributed files or project interaction resources like Jira so that all

people associated with the project gain ideas in the present state of the project work-flow.


Security And Privacy

We appreciate that project information and customer details are extremely delicate. All associates working at Danstring Technology are likely to keep the details confidential within the office,

not violating any security policy agreement.


Latest Tools For Project Management

We use latest project management software tools like Jira, GitLab and Hubstaff to increase the work performance and availability among all indulged- customer, project administrator,

group management and associates.


Dedicated And In-Advance

Project controlling software is not all like roses all the time. We also face difficulties and issues during the advancement stage, but our team’s best factor is that we instantly notify to the Project Manager

and customer. We work on judging the solution, without spending any moment in shying away and choosing the problems.


On-Time Reviews

We consider that frequent evaluation of work is essential to sustain the standard. According to client’s comfort and project requirement, we routine conferences on every week or fortnightly base.


Proactive Documentation

To relate to a discussion mentioned two weeks back or so on, we at all times believe in recording everything. Our documentation procedure contains techniques, reviews, and merging of all sources

to make sure easy discussing and sources. Even the e-mails and Skype conversations are maintained for any upcoming interaction.


Descriptive Reports

Afterward every development stage, we deliver every work status are answerable to the consumer to discuss what has been designed and what’s awaiting and to know the reviews and any changes if needed in between.

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