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Initial Analysis :
Detailed Keyword Analysis :
Competitor Analysis :
Initial Ranking Report :
Detailed SEO Strategy and Plan :
Website Analysis :
W3C Validation :
On Page Optimization
HTML Code Optimization :
Title Tag Optimization :
Meta Description Optimization :
Meta Keywords Optimization :
Duplicate Content Checking :
Alt Text Optimization :
Anchor Text Optimization :
H1, H2 & H3 Tag optimizations :
Bold Body Text Optimization :
Images Optimization :
Website Page Speed Optimization (Upto 90) :
Robots.txt Creation & Optimization :
Robot Meta Tag Check :
WWW Redirect Suggestion :
Internal Linking Check Up :
Custom 404 Error Page Checking :
Linking Check Up – Internal, External :
SEO Friendly Site Structure Analysis :
Image Name and Alt Text Optimization :
Anchor Text and Title Aattributes :
Existing Content Optimization ( Website) :
Website Pages :Up to 15Up to 30 Up to 50Up to 100
Internal Linking Optimization :
Footer Link Optimization :
HTML Sitemap Creation :
XML Sitemap Creation :
Navigation Analysis :
Website Submission at Google, Yahoo, Bing :
Canonicalisation :
Google My Business Set Up :
Off Page Optimization
Article Writing and Submission - 1 :1 5 10 15
Press Release Writing and Submission - 1 :1 1 2 5
Manual Blog Commenting - 2 :2 5 10 15
Manual Forum Posting - 1 :1 2 4 8
Web 2.0 Writing and Submission - 1 :1 2 4 8
PPT Creation and Submission - 1 :1 2 3 5
Video Creation and Submission - 1 :1 2 3 5
Local Directory Submssion - 2 :2 4 6 10
Company Profile Creation :
Social Bookmarking - 50 :50 100 150 200
Blog Directory Submission -50 :50 100 150 200
Classified Writing and Submission - 30 :30 50 100 150
Image Submission - 5 :5 10 15 20
Social Media Profile Creation :2 4 6 8
Social Media Postings :5 10 15 20
Voiceover Video Creation and Submission :$200 Per Video $200 Per Video $200 Per Video $200 Per Video
Support and Reporting
Regular Email Communication :
Phone Support and Pre-Schedule Meeting :
Regular Reporting on monthly basis :
$150 Per Month $300 Per Month $450 Per Month $700 Per Month

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24×7 Expert Support

Initiate a call, chat or raise a ticket and our team of experts will help you resolve any query related to your Linux reseller hosting plan

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Boost your website resources by upgrading your reseller hosting plan as and when your business grows.

24×7 Expert Support

Initiate a call, chat or raise a ticket and our team of experts will help you resolve any query related to your Linux reseller hosting plan

Pricing FAQ

We offer our services that have value for money. We only charge for what we offer. Depending on your needs and business type, we offer our SEO packages that cater to address the needs of your business depending on its size. We provide our services for a specific crowd if you have a local business. Our SEO packages serve the global companies that have offices in different places and also the e-commerce platforms that sell their products online. It is ideal for businesses that use popular keywords.

The benefits of SEO are undeniable. When you compare the Google AD words and PPC marketing, you will find that the pricing is way expensive when compared to SEO. The amount of traffic leading to your website estimates the sales as more traffic equals more sales. Your business can benefit once you reach high ranks due to SEO. It is a very worthy investment and provides long term solution to improvising your business and expanding the scope of your progress.

Our SEO plans include plans based on the size of our business and needs. We only charge appropriately and reasonably for our services. The services are categorized and will assist you in making a proper decision. You will know about the expected result and the outcome. We render each of our plans with a specific guarantee; we focus on working with our clients to help them produce more traffic. We believe that more clicks lead to potential sales.

As a business owner, you must be aware that the progress of a business is a very slow process and the SEO process is no different, if you want to substantial changes and bring improvements in your business then a period of 6 months to a year is a good bet. SEO slowly shows the progress achieved in time. One cannot expect magic as SEO is a very dynamic real-time technique that focuses on improving your business from the core.

SEO is undoubtedly a valuable tool for your business if you wish to reach new heights and gain new customers, ultimately expanding the horizons of our business. SEO is way less expensive and pocket-friendly when compared to the other options. A website with SEO backing will see an improvement in the rankings, ultimately making it more popular among the crowd. The ROI is much better when comparing it with the conventional advertisements. Hence SEO is, without a doubt, the most cost-effective tool for your business.

Our SEP packages provide great value as they are very reliable and follow a linear approach in producing excellent results. We help to diagnose and identify the deficiencies of a business and where they lack. We focus on the root cause as to why a business is not progressing, and we aim to work on it, effectively producing quick results with our SEO packages. You will easily be ahead of your competitors using our trustworthy services. We take pride in delivering the best services possible to our clients.

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